Stibat, your battery collection partner

As a non-profit organization Stibat (Dutch Battery Foundation) organizes the collection and recycling process of waste batteries. Successfully. As a result, almost nine out of ten waste batteries are recycled each year.

Legal collection and recycling obligations

Founded in 1995 by Dutch importers and producers of batteries to comply with their statutory obligations regarding batteries, Stibat supports with the executive of four compliance tasks: the realization of the collection target, taking care of a national wide collection network, obtaining the recycling goal, and the education of consumers regarding the importance of recycling batteries. Moreover, Stibat provides the registration of the producers and the reporting of batteries to the national government.

More than 24.000 collection points

In the last twenty years, Stibat has built a national wide collection network at shops and schools: everywhere you can buy batteries, you can also hand in your waste batteries. In the meantime, Stibat has more than 24.000 collection points: there is at least one collection point per two thousand inhabitants, in each municipality. To give more attention to the recycling process of batteries and the collection points, Stibat organizes many different public campaigns. For example, the campaign ‘Lege batterijen? Lever ze in en WIN!’ (‘Waste batteries? Hand them in and WIN!’). In this campaign, the consumers have to hand in a bag with ten waste batteries and their contact details at one of the many collection points. So they can win fabulous prices each month.

Stibat, the knowledge and service center

Due to the extensive network and the collaboration with professional partners, Stibat is collecting nine out of ten waste batteries each year. In the end, all collected batteries will be recycled. Stibat acts as a knowledge and service center, sets up new structures for a safe and responsible collecting of batteries, and provides custom-made services to producers and importers. In twenty years, Stibat has become the authority on battery collection and recycling in the Netherlands.

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