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The organisation

Stibat offers responsible services and solutions that contribute to the circular economy of batteries and accumulators. We strive for maximum recycling of products and raw materials and reduction of devaluation. We do this in compliance with European legislation and regulations. Organisations that require advice or support, or need a reliable partner, can call on Stibat.

Legal obligations

In 1995, battery producers and importers established non-profit organisation Stibat to comply with their legal obligations. Over twenty years, Stibat has accumulated a wealth of experience in the collection, sorting and processing of batteries and accumulators. Always responsible, sustainable and safe.

Circular economy

Raw materials are at risk of becoming scarce because of the growing population and increasing affluence in the world. The sourcing and large-scale production of raw materials can have a significant impact on the environment. The circular economy of batteries and accumulators is therefore central to Stibat’s service delivery. We believe it is important to make the most efficient possible use of the available raw materials from batteries and accumulators to prevent waste and harmful emissions contaminating the soil, water and air as far as possible.

Support, advice, education

Any organisation that requires advice or support can call on Stibat. That includes products with integrated batteries and accumulators. Stibat offers practical support in word and deed in the collection, re-use, maintenance, reconditioning and recycling of batteries and accumulators. We advise you which legislation and regulations apply, or which licences are necessary. We also assist in producing the required reports for the government.

Safe, responsible, sustainable

Safety, sustainability and consideration for the environment are always a focal point for us. As such, Stibat is ISO-certified and we developed Ecotest, a test that assesses how environmentally friendly and efficient processes are. Our drivers who collect batteries and accumulators are ADR-certified in accordance with the law on the safe transport of dangerous goods. Our trucks are also equipped as per ADR legislation.

Collective and individual

Stibat now offers a collective solution for portable and industrial batteries excl. motor vehicles and bicycles for producers and importers of batteries and accumulators who are affiliated with Stichting Batterijen, and for accumulators for powering electric bicycles for producers who are affiliated with Stichting EPAC (Electronically Propelled Assisted Cycle). We also support Stichting Autobatterij Recycling (ARN) in respect of accumulators for starting and powering motor vehicles. We work for individual organisations in the DIY, automotive and retail sectors.