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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Stibat?

Stibat does not charge a membership fee. If you participate in Stichting Batterijen, Stichting EPAC and/or ARN, you will periodically report how many batteries and accumulators you have put on the Dutch market. Based on this report, you will receive one or more invoices. You will pay a fee per battery based on established weight categories. The management fee is set annually. You may include these in your costs. On a consumer invoice, this cannot be listed as a separate item. Click here to see the rates.

How do I join Stibat?

Fill out the registration form and submit a recent summary of your Chamber of Commerce Trade Register details to [email protected]. You will then be granted access to our reporting portal, myBatbase. This is where you will periodically (monthly, quarterly or annually) report the number of batteries and/or accumulators that you have put on the Dutch market for the first time during that period.

Am I required to join Stibat?

Stibat is the implementation organization of the Batteries Foundation and the EPAC Foundation. The collection systems of both foundations have been declared universally binding. This means that all producers and importers who put portable batteries, industrial batteries lighter than 1 kg, and/or bicycle batteries on the Dutch market for the first time must pay a waste management fee for these batteries to Stichting Batterijen or Stichting EPAC. To do so, you are required to join Stibat.

What is producer responsibility?

Any company that puts batteries and/or accumulators on the Dutch market for the first time has a producer responsibility pursuant to the Batteries and Accumulators Management Decree 2008. Among other things, this means that these companies are required by law to take care of collecting and recycling discarded batteries or accumulators, provide information and report to the government. You can register your organization with Stibat. This allows Stibat to take these obligations off your hands.