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Changes to Recycling Fees in 2023

More and more consumers, companies and institutions are committed to recycling, a sustainable society, and a circular economy. A very necessary commitment too, because the European Commission wants more discarded portable batteries and accumulators to be collected and recycled.

Working together on a sustainable future

To collect more batteries and accumulators, further investment is required. We are allocating more marketing to meet the collection target and there have been significant price increases in the transport and processing of batteries and accumulators. These costs are covered by the recycling fees that each participant pays to the collective for each newly marketed battery.

Based on these developments, the Stichting Batterijen board has decided to increase the recycling fee by 5% in 2023. This rate increase applies to almost all types of portable batteries. The new group of lithium thionyl batteries are covered by a separate rate and more on this will be announced later this year.

The recycling fee rates for bicycle batteries (Stichting EPAC) in 2023 will remain the same as those of 2022, pending the results of a lifecycle study and the new legislation. It is possible that an interim adjustment to bicycle battery rates may be required in 2023.

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