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Corrections in myBatbase? Here’s how to do it!

Have you already filed the 2022 battery statement in myBatbase? Wonderful! However, you may still want to make some corrections. Perhaps batteries have been exported, which changes your management fee. Or perhaps a load of batteries was returned. It is easy to make these corrections (and do more!) in myBatbase. We would like to explain how.

Creating corrections in myBatbase

You create a correction by clicking on Correction 2022 in myBatbase. This opens the correction period 202213. You can adjust the numbers here. But pay attention: fill out the differences using the old numbers and not the totals for the entire year.

Straight to myBatbase

Customize recycling fees due to export regulation

Many corrections fall under the export regulation. Does your company purchase (products containing) batteries that you import into the Netherlands? Then you must pay a recycling fee per battery. Suppose a customer purchases the batteries from you and partly re-exports them. What happens to the recycling fee? Under the export regulation, your customer may reclaim it from your company for the part of the batteries that has been exported. You must, therefore, adjust your battery statement accordingly. To do this, use a correction. You enter the batteries your customer has exported as a negative figure by including a minus sign before the number.

Making other corrections

Of course, it is also possible to just make mistakes. Perhaps you accidentally entered batteries purchased in the Netherlands. It is also possible that (products containing) batteries have been returned. Or maybe you export batteries from a supply which you had already included in a previous statement. Or an audit may have led to changes in nomenclature codes. These are all reasons for making corrections in myBatbase.

The Save and Send buttons

Have you completed all corrections in myBatbase? Then click on Save to calculate the recycling fee. And don’t forget to click on Submit.

Deadline and follow-up

The first of March is the deadline for the battery statement, but you may submit corrections until the first of May. After that, your statement is final and the information will be reported to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. An auditor instructed by Stibat may conduct an audit to check if the statements have been filled out correctly. If so, we will notify you by e-mail.

Questions and comments

Have you been unable to figure it out? All pages contain buttons for additional information, recognizable by the i. And at Information you will find a manual for myBatbase. Here, you will also find the Recycling Fees and the Battery Overview including the Stibat system codes. Of course, you can also contact Wendy Wielink or Carolina Boer from Stibat at 079 – 363 20 90 or [email protected].

Tip 1 Compare your annual statements

Do you file monthly or quarterly statements? In that case, we recommend you print out an annual sales statement and compare it with previous statements in myBatbase. This allows you to quickly learn what went right, what went wrong and whether anything needs to be corrected.

Tip 2 Print out your most recent statement

Do you want to print out a statement for your own administration? Go to Statements in the top left corner and click on Print and Export. Then, click on Print to get an overview of the most recent statement. Would you like a detailed overview of your statement including the Stibat system codes? Do not click on Print but choose Export to Excel instead.

Tip 3 View and print out an older statement

You can also select an older statement period and click on Print. You will get an overview of all the specified batteries in that period. This is useful for making comparisons. Again, select Export to Excel if you want a detailed overview.

Tip 4 Change the frequency of filing a statement

Would you like to file a statement more often or less often? Once the last statement of the year has been billed, you can change the frequency of filing a statement via My Data. An annual statement is only an option in the case of a total recycling fee of less than €2,500 per year excluding taxes for sales and use (VAT).