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Five frequently asked questions about myBatbase

The government wants to know how many batteries and accumulators are introduced onto the Dutch market every year. That is why, once a year, our users submit a battery statement through our portal: myBatbase. Most users are satisfied with this service and use the system without any issues. However, some questions do pop up occasionally. Below, we have listed the five most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. How can I view the details of my statement?

You can see the details of your statement by clicking ‘Print/Export’ at the bottom left of the screen. Here, you can download your statement form containing all statements with the data you entered. This can be added to the invoice as internal substantiation. You will automatically receive the invoice once we have processed your statement.

You can also download the details of your statement (including the Stibat battery code) as an Excel file. Alternatively, you could download multiple statements relating to specific periods. This could be convenient in case you want to know how many batteries you reported in 12 months or 4 quarters, allowing you to make a correction for an entire year, for instance. If multiple statements are downloaded, the totals are automatically added up.

2. How can I change the order of the battery list?

You can do so with a single click on the column title.

Participants create their own battery lists by adding batteries. The various batteries are listed with their own product code, weight, and the corresponding number of batteries sold. You can easily change the order of the various columns with a single click on the column title in question. For instance, you could sort the list by the number of batteries sold, by product code, or by products sold.

3. How can I change the product description?

This is only possible for unsent statements and can be done by clicking the description and overwriting the existing description or code. Don’t forget to save your changes. Be careful not to change the product or battery type. Doing so will result in errors in our own administration.

On top of that, users cannot change other information in the columns.

4. Should I make my personal list based on products or battery types?

You should make your personal battery list based on your own preferences.  This means the choice is yours. Many of our users let their administrative department decide on the battery list. Below are two examples: the first is a list based on products, while the second is based on the battery type.

– Products

Is it easiest for you to simply add all products with batteries from your assortment to myBatbase? In that case, create the battery list based on the product code or description. Make sure to state how many batteries are in each product. That way, you only have to enter the total number of sold products in a period for every statement.

– Battery type

Do many of the products you sold from your assortment contain the same batteries? And can you easily derive this battery information from your sales data? In that case, it’s best to create a battery list based on the battery type, like Alkaline AA, CR2032, or LR44. That way, your battery list will be a lot shorter than it would be if you sorted it by product, which will save you some time.

P.S.: please don’t be deceived by the title of the first column: ‘Product code’ You can simply create a line for a battery type here.

5. Where do I find the Stibat battery codes?

Imagine: you’re releasing a new product or a new battery. It’s important to add this to your personal battery list. Click ‘Add product’ and answer various questions to find the right battery.

However, you can speed up this process by directly entering the Stibat battery code! You can find the Total battery overview on the ‘information’ tab. This is also referred to as nomenclature. It contains all the batteries you can find in our portal, including their codes and descriptions. The total overview offers clear instructions on how to find the right Stibat code for the batteries in your assortment quickly. You can enter this code when you see ‘I know the unique Stibat system code’. That way, this battery is automatically added to your battery list.

Want to know more, or do you need help?

We are happy to tell you about the possibilities of myBatbase, help you reorganize your battery list, or explain the Total battery overview.

Feel free to contact the employees of Producer Services via 079-3632090, or send an email to [email protected].