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It is almost time for your battery statement. Get ready!

As a participant of Stichting Batterijen and/or Stichting EPAC, you are required to submit a report of the batteries and accumulators you import and market in the Netherlands. This can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually. Use myBatbase for the battery statement: the online Stibat portal. The (latest) battery statement for 2021 should be submitted by 23 January 2022. This might seem like a long way away, but please get prepared to ensure your statement is without issue. We are happy to explain what you need to pay attention to.

Update the battery list before you submit your statement

You have probably already created a list with previously sold batteries and accumulators in myBatbase. Useful, because this list can be used for your upcoming statement. However, it is important that the battery list is updated before submitting your statement. After all, your assortment might have changed. Maybe you now also sell drones, race cars, electric toothbrushes, or a different brand of e-bike. It goes without saying that all these products contain batteries. Sometimes it requires some searching to go through your assortment, especially for companies without an administrative department. So, start updating the battery list in good time.

Check that the Stibat codes are correct

It is also important that the items in your battery list correspond to the Stibat codes. For example, if you entered an AA alkaline battery, it should correspond to the linked Stibat code. Not to a lithium coin battery, let’s say. The Stibat codes are not displayed on your statement screen. Export the battery list to check the codes. If you come across an incorrect Stibat code, remove the item, re-enter the item and link it to the correct code. We can only submit a correct report if the battery list is complete and has the correct Stibat codes. Your attention is a great help!

Extra tip: make corrections to your statement

If you submit the battery statement monthly or quarterly, any corrections to previous periods can be incorporated in the last statement of the year. Do this as follows. Take the yearly sales from your own sales administration. Use myBatbase to export all battery statements you have submitted up to now. For example, the first three quarters of the year, or the first eleven months. The difference between these two lists shows your complete and most recent statement: the sales for the last statement period plus any corrections. This way, you can be sure you haven’t missed out on any items.

If you have any questions about your battery statement, we are happy to help!

Once Stibat has received all the completed battery statements, we report the collated figures to the government. A statutory and important task that helps us contribute to the circular economy and a better environment. For this reason, it is important your battery statement is accurate. If you need help with your statement, please do not hesitate to contact our Producer Services Team on +31 793632090 or [email protected]. Or check the detailed instructions in myBatbase.