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MyBatbase survey: a solid 8 for our registration portal

In myBatbase, our users, participants of Stichting Batterijen and the EPAC and ARN foundations, can register the number of batteries they release to the Dutch market. Every year, we send out a brief survey to ask our users if they are happy with our registration system. The user-friendliness of myBatbase has never received a higher score: an 8.2. And with an 8.3 for our service, we have a good reason to be proud again this year.

High response rate

The satisfaction survey consists of five questions. Three of those are closed questions, while two open questions offer room for suggestions. Every year, our user count grows, and this year, over 81 percent of all myBatbase users filled out the survey. This is an excellent response rate. Over 90 percent were able to finish the survey within two hours without any problems, and almost 85 percent managed to do so in an hour. The problem participants generally struggle with is getting the right information from their own organization.


Less than ten percent of the participants have suggestions for improvement. Most users manage to submit their statements without any significant issues. As soon as we are notified of any bugs, technical issues or rate errors, we get to work right away. Sometimes, it helps if we give users clearer instructions on using the system, or if we send them the manual again. Through this satisfaction survey, we received a number of useful suggestions for improvement that we will now start implementing.

Stibat action items

Based on the survey, we immediately set up a list of action items. Number one: implementing minor practical suggestions and bug fixing. We will also see whether a classification code column can be added to the battery list. Moreover: we want to make a blank statement accessible with a single click and clarify the difference between portable and industrial batteries. Finally, we will add more information on myBatbase. This includes, for example: writing a blogpost about existing functionalities of the system, adding an FAQ document to the online environment and writing a brief manual for new contacts.

Battery administration assistance

If your organization wants to submit a battery statement, you first need sound battery administration. This is often the responsibility of the purchasing department. After all, if an organization buys batteries, certain information needs to be registered. This includes the chemical system and the weight (or IEC code) of the batteries, as well as the country of origin and the destination: is this the Netherlands or a foreign country? After all, you only need to submit the (integrated) batteries you purchase outside the Netherlands and then sell in the Netherlands. If companies need assistance with their battery administration, Stibat is happy to lend a hand.

Solid 8 for our service

Good news: we once more received excellent scores and positive comments on myBatbase this year. Our service was once more awarded a solid eight, and we are proud of the user-friendliness of our registration system. We’re ready to continue our highly personal approach for another year!

Contact Stibat

Want to tell us about more of your ideas? Or do you have any questions about your statement in myBatbase? Please contact Wendy Wielink via 079 – 363 20 90 or [email protected].