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Reminder: the rates for batteries and accumulators are changing in 2022

The European Commission is clear: a lot more discarded portable batteries and accumulators should be collected and recycled. This is good for the environment, but the more we collect, the higher the costs. These costs are covered by the disposal contributions every producer and importer pays Stibat for each newly marketed battery or accumulator. For this reason, there are two important rate changes from 1 January 2022. Firstly, the disposal contribution per battery or accumulator will increase, and secondly, you will no longer receive your compensation.

Increased disposal contribution

Members of Stichting Batterijen pay a disposal contribution. This is a fixed amount for each newly marketed battery or accumulator and is based on weight and chemical system. The disposal contribution will be increased to meet the new, significantly higher collection objective. The main change relates to rates for batteries and accumulators in categories I to VI. Previously, we did not charge contributions for lead batteries and accumulators, but this will change. Also, NiMh batteries will be priced separately from 2022. Go to the Recycling Fees List to find out what this rate change will mean for you.

No more compensation

In previous years, you received a compensation for administrative costs from Stichting Batterijen. This compensation amounted to 20% of the invoices per declaration period. The compensation will be discontinued from 1 January 2022. After all, the statutory battery statement requires less work for you as a producer or importer. The number of periodic statements is limited, and the statement has been automated and simplified, thanks to myBatbase. What’s more, you can always count on Stibat for extra support.

Working on collection objective

The rate changes are part of the action plan formulated by Stichting Batterijen for 2022-2025. The funds that become available after the rate changes will be used to achieve the collection objective. You can trust that we will still fund the logistics process related to collecting, sorting, and recycling discarded batteries and accumulators. Exactly as you have come to expect from us. It is how we can continue the sustainable trend of the last 25 years.