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Collection service

Do you repair batteries? Do you produce new batteries with new and/or recycled cells? Or do you have a consignment of batteries or accumulators you wish to dispose of responsibly? Stibat can assist. Stibat has over twenty years’ experience in the collection and sustainable processing of waste batteries and accumulators. And we always do this in a safe and responsible way.

Batteries and accumulators

Stibat has at its disposal bulk trucks and standard trucks for the transportation of batteries and accumulators. In addition, we have been working with several partner, who sort the batteries for us. Finally, we are in contact with various certified recyclers in Europe.

Safe and responsible

Safety is paramount in every step of our process. Our drivers are ADR-certified and our trucks are equipped according to ADR regulations (for the transport of dangerous good by road.) Transportation and packaging is carried out responsibly, as prescribed by law. Our sorter is certified and our recyclers work in accordance with EU regulations.

Market rates

Each enquiry requires a tailor-made approach. The investment depends on, amongst others, the size of the consignment, the chemical composition and the packaging. Stibat applies market rates and operates transparently.


Want to know more?

For more information, please contact us via the contact details below.

Contact person

Pieter Bremmer

Phone number

079 - 363 20 90