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Consultancy and advice

The legislation and regulations pertaining to batteries and accumulators are complex. It is also important to manage batteries and accumulators safely and responsibly. Do you require advice or support on (complex) issues? Stibat has over twenty years’ experience in the collection and safe, sustainable processing of batteries and accumulators. We thus occupy a unique position in the Netherlands. We offer you a helping hand.

Complex regulations

Countless rules apply to the import, production and sales of batteries and accumulators. For example, as a producer or importer, you are obliged to collect, recycle, educate end users and submit annual declarations. Recycling should be environmentally friendly and you are bound my many regulations in respect of the declarations. Not surprising that producers and importers took the decision to establish Stibat in 1995 when the first Decree pertaining to batteries and accumulators was implemented. Stibat ensures the correct, sustainable and safe execution of obligations. In addition, we assist you with practical support in the collection, re-use, maintenance, reconditioning and recycling of batteries and accumulators.

Partnership with government

Stibat knows the law, knows what is mandatory and what is permitted. We also work closely with the government. We know which licences are required and the criteria with which declarations must comply in the Netherlands and beyond. Or what the requirements are regarding safe storage, transport and recycling.

Advice and research

We determine how we can best support you in consultation. That could be by providing advice on a single element, or supporting the execution of an entire process. Most importantly: a complex task becomes far simpler.


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