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Sustainability, circular economy, corporate social responsibility. It is increasingly important for organisations to operate in a way that is environmentally friendly. And part of that entails responsible management of waste batteries and accumulators. Stibat’s Ecotest assists you in that.

Evaluating recycling yields

We can harvest raw materials from your waste batteries and accumulators and use these to make new products. Those raw materials thus need not be sourced from the earth. And that is good news. That way, we preserve raw materials for future generations. In addition, recycling, dependent on the recycling process, releases fewer CO₂ emissions and toxic substances into the environment than sourcing these materials from the earth does. Stibat developed Ecotest to provide an insight into exactly what the recycling of waste batteries and accumulators yields.

Insight into the chain

Ecotest makes the performance of your company measurable. You can see at a glance where improvement can be made in the chain. Ecotest makes the environmental impact of recycling visible by linking four elements to one another: the effect on the climate, the raw materials recovered, the toxic substances prevented and cost savings. The test also assesses whether recycling is being conducted according to EU rules. This provides a detailed insight into the whole chain from the moment batteries and accumulators are scrapped, through the recycling process.

Improving performance and image

Ecotest also provides information you can use to improve performance on one hand, and the image of your company on the other. You can use these (individual) outcomes for your publications in relation to CSR, annual reports and marketing communications.


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