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European Compliance Tool

You produce or import (products with integrated) batteries and accumulators. That involves far more than just production and importation itself. As it happens, you have to declare how many batteries and accumulators you place on the market. Stibat developed the European Compliance Tool for that purpose. You supply the (sales) data and we produce a report that complies with all legal requirements.

Separate reports

The law requires you to declare how many and what kind of batteries or accumulators you produce and/or import. And that law differs in each country. If you operate internationally, you need to ascertain the laws and regulations that apply in each country and produce a separate report for each country. We offer the European Compliance Tool as a way of simplifying the process.

Customised European Compliance Tool

The tool is simple. You provide us with your sales data in Excel, for example. We ensure the European Compliance Tool is modified according to the legislation and criteria of the compliance organisation in the country in which you operate. And of course, to your computer system. You therefore do not need any special software. Thanks to the tool, you can be certain you comply with the law and you produce your declaration with the click of a button.


We currently have four directives from fifteen different European countries incorporated in the tool. The Batteries and Accumulators Directive (for portable, industrial and automotive batteries), the WEEE Directive, the ELV Directive and the ELT Directive. We also implement the packaging regulations.

Customised declarations

We provide customised design of the European Compliance Tool. We can prepare a declaration for you every month or every quarter. Or perhaps your organisation consists of various legal entities? In that case, we can provide several separate declarations. Furthermore, our system can be connected to any computer system. We have already assisted clients in the automotive sector, retail and the photographic industry. We would be delighted to customise the system for your organisation.

Reference case Duracell

Duracell uses the European Compliance Tool. Curious about their experience? Download the reference case below.



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