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Producer responsibility

As a producer or importer of (products with integrated) batteries and accumulators, you bear producer responsibility. You are subject to the 2008 Decree pertaining to the management of batteries and accumulators. That means you have a legal obligation and a responsibility to collect and recycle waste batteries and accumulators.

Collect, recycle, educate

You have four responsibilities:

  • To establish a national collection network.
  • To collect the batteries and accumulators you place on the market.
  • To recycle batteries using the cleanest and best processing techniques available.
  • To educate end users about the importance of separate collection of batteries.

In addition, you have to register your company as a producer or importer, as well as report to the government on the tonnage of batteries you place on the market annually.

Assistance with producer responsibility

Stibat offers support. We advise you on your specific legal obligations and the laws and criteria with which you must comply. We also offer practical assistance in the supply of a suitable collection unit, collection of batteries and accumulators and arranging recycling.

Collective and individual

Over 900 producers and importers have meanwhile joined Stibat. Stibat now offers a collective solution for portable and industrial batteries excl. motor vehicles and bicycles for producers and importers of batteries and accumulators who are affiliated with Stichting Batterijen, and for accumulators for powering electric bicycles for producers who are affiliated with Stichting EPAC (Electronically Propelled Assisted Cycle). We also support Stichting Autobatterij Recycling (ARN) in respect of accumulators for starting and powering motor vehicles. We work for individual organisations in the DIY, automotive and retail sectors. Anyone who imports or produces batteries or accumulators (individually or in a device) can call on Stibat. That way, you can be certain that you comply with the legal requirements.

Register with Stibat

Would you like to register yourself as a producer or an importer with Stibat? Download the registration form here.


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