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Stichting Batterijen

Stichting Batterijen was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and is a collective of more than 1,400 affiliated producers and importersTake a look at the companies affiliated with the Stichting Batterijen collective here  of portable and industrial batteries. The board of Stichting Batterijen has four members:

  • Eric-Jan Schipper (Intergamma), Chairman
  • Marco Kroes (Varta), Treasurer
  • Koen van Hirtum (Duracell), Member
  • Eelco Smit (Philips), Member

The secretary’s role is performed by the director, Eric Ruyters.

Stichting Batterijen commissions Stibat to implement the legal producer responsibility. This means that Stibat takes care of the collection points, the collection of the batteries and accumulators, and the sorting and recycling of these batteries.

Producer responsibility

Producers of (products with built-in) batteries and accumulators have a producer responsibility. For them, the Batteries and Accumulators (Management) Decree 2008Read more about the Battery and Accumulator Management Decree 2008  applies. This means that they have a legal obligation and responsibility to collect and recycle waste batteries and accumulators.

Producer responsibility includes the following core tasks:

  • Achieving the legally set collection rate;
  • Providing a nationwide collection network;
  • Achieving the legally set recycling efficiency;
  • Informing consumers about the importance of separate collection.

In addition, they have to register their company as a producer or importer and report to the government the weight of batteries they add to the Dutch market each year. Stichting Batterijen offers a collective collection and processing plan to meet this producer responsibility.

Implementing organisation Stibat

Stibat executes the legal producer responsibility on behalf of Stichting Batterijen. They are the fixed point of contact where producers can sign up for the collective and all parties involved can go with their questions.

General Binding Statement

Stichting Batterijen, on behalf of its participants, has submitted an application to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for a General Binding Statement (AVV in Dutch) of the existing collective collection and processing plan. The Ministry has approved this application with a validity of five years. This means that everyone who adds batteries to the market in the Netherlands is obliged to pay a management contribution per battery to Stichting Batterijen. The management contribution covers all the costs of fulfilling the producer responsibility. This will oblige all producers to contribute to the cost of collecting and recycling batteries and accumulators in the Netherlands, and that is only fair. The AVV also means that every collection and processing structure for batteries and accumulators in the Netherlands will be tested against the existing collection and processing structure of Stichting Batterijen.

Would you like more information?

For more information, please contact Stibat. Would you like to register as a producer or importer with Stichting Batterijen? Download the registration form below.

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